As the starting lights flash, drag bikes catapult themselves down the track, their riders clinging on for dear life as they push their machines to the absolute limit.

drag race

From everyday streetcars to fire-breathing Top Fuel beasts, the drag racing scene boasts a diverse range of vehicles. The action unfolds in two ways: either head-to-head matchups between equally matched titans, or a thrilling David-vs-Goliath showdown with timed handicaps for underdogs. In both cases, it’s a brutal one-shot deal – reach the finish line first or get eliminated. This win-or-go-home format repeats until each category crowns its ultimate champion.


AutoSlalom is a great sport for any car enthusiast. Events consist of individual timed runs through a course laid out (using traffic cones) on a concrete or asphalt surface. The object is to drive through the course as fast as possible without missing any gates or hitting any cones.


Drifting championships are held all over the world, and they attract the best drivers from each country. The championships are typically held on closed courses, such as airport runways or parking lots. The courses are designed to test the drivers’ skills in car control, precision, and style.

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